Digicon made pulverizer is designed for pulverizing of semi rigid, brittle and impact resistance materials where a powdered product is required. Granulated plastic materials are fed via vibratory feeder into the mill. High speed mill grinds the materials and suction system draw the materials from mill. With the help of proper metering and various screening system desired powder quality to be achieved. Coarse materials from the screen are re-entering into the mill via closed-loop system. Typical applications are the pulverizing of LDPE, LLDPE, RPVC, HDPE, UPVC, PC and various other plastics.


  • Heavy Duty sturdier design.
  • High Output with low power consumption.
  • Microprocessor based control system.
  • Easy to operate and less Manpower requirements.
  • Grinding disc, made of special materials for longer life.
  • Better fine materials according to application of plasticizing.
  • Easy to change vibro screen for various powder quality.
  • Compact design and minimum space utilization.
Specification DM 80 DM 120 DM 150 DM 200 DM 300
Disc Diameter 300 400 400 600 600
Power (kW) 15 30 37.5 56 75
Throughput in kg/hr PVC 80-100 140-160 180-200 300-350 400-450
Throughput in kg/hr LLDPE 70-80 120-140 150-170 200-250 300-350